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Community Quilts

blue mile a minute It’s been a few years since Sharron Hatelt first read the children’s book “The Quiltmaker’s Gift”, by Jeff Brumbeau and Gail de Marcken but the inspiration is still strong. For those of you who haven’t read this modern fairy tale, it is a story about giving to those in need locally.  It demonstrates how generosity can conquer greed and it reminds us all how good it feels to give to others.    

The Quiltmaker’s Gift is the inspiration for Sharron’s latest project - Community Quilts.  She feels passionately that we need to spread our quilts closer to home.  It was to her great pleasure that in the spring of 2006 the Quadra Quilters Guild agreed!  

Over the next two years, the newly formed committee created thirty-seven quilts.  The first was given to a local family made homeless by a house fire. Carihi High School received one for a grad fundraiser and the local Legion raffle benefited from another.  Plans are underway for more quilts for families registered with the local food bank.  

It is wonderful how members of the guild have gotten involved in various capacities, piecing tops, donating blocks, as well as supporting the purchase of batting.   The Cumberland Quilt Shop has been extremely generous with fabric donations for the project. This is a wonderful way to share our skills, and ensure that our community knows we care!  

The Community Quilts Project averages 24 quilts per year and you can view some of these at Quadra Quilts.Blogspot.com.